Delaware Crime Scene Cleanup Narrative


My pries


Critical comments that follow apply to a very tiny fraction of county employees.

For those who hire into crony relationships because of their unique contacts with victims' families, they stand to make a fortune from cronyism. Families frequently become victims of these crony relationships, although homeowners insurance pays the price. In XXX, like other states, homeowners' insurance pays for XXX crime scene cleanup services if structural damage occurs from a violent incident. If no structural damage occurs, then most homeowners insurance will not pay for a XXX crime scene cleanup service.

In most cases, a crime scene cleanup company can easily cause structural damage to invoke insurance payments. This fact explains crime scene cleanup companies' willingness to wait for insurance payments in lieu of family payment, in part.

I'll move to an honest county for my crime scene cleanup business when I find one. It will need a large enough population to support my crime scene cleanup activities. I doubt that I find such a place, except one too small for a crime scene cleanup business. But I'll continue my search, as here.

I write almost every day; almost every day, I have something to write about coroner (medical examiner) fraud perpetrated against victims' families. I say, "Our county employees victimize victims' families."

It's only a tiny number of our XXX county employees that take from a dead person's family. A tiny fraction of our XXX civil servants take advantage of their privileged position in the county government (sometimes city government). These corrupt tax paid XXX county employees direct victims' families to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies.

By "corrupt tax paid" employees, I mean those people in our local governments paid with our tax dollars. They make a lot more money by sending families to a friend, a family member, or a business to clean up the blood. They clean up blood following a violent death from homicide or suicide. They send families of persons who died an unattended death and then decomposed.


This type of work pays good money because it's called "horrific work." Let me correct myself. The employees actually doing the cleaning, in most cases, do not make great money, but their bosses do. A biohazard cleanup company may charge as much as $800 an hour for three employees, and then charge $300 per biohazard box removed from the death scene.

Delaware's biohazard cleanup technicians respond to crime scenes following the coroner's departure. (If you want to learn more about this occupation, visit this crime scene cleanup web site.)

By their job description, coroner's technicians remove remains following a homicide, suicide, unattended death, or decomposition. They remove anatomical remains; Crime scene cleanup technicians remove the blood1 and other potentially infectious materials that remain. Whether a crime, suicide, or traumatic accident, unattended death with decomposition cleanup, crime scene cleaners respond to a blood soiled environment to return it to a pre-incident condition.

Delaware's crime scene cleanup technicians are also known as "Trauma Scene Practitioners." I am one of these professional crime scene cleanup practitioners. Self-employed, I offer full-service crime scene cleanup for all of Delaware.


Who Is Eddie Evans

My name is Eddie Evans, and I have completed many homicide cleanup jobs. My list of death cleanup jobs exceeds 400 cleanups. I guarantee my work, and it comes with a Certificate of Work Completed.

I now do biohazard cleanup work out of a sense of duty to my country; the same sense motivated me to visit Viet Nam as a young infantry soldier. Now I see my country threatened by county employees creating cronyism in local government. There's plenty enough of government cronyism to go around in Washington, D.C.

Only here it looks like, walks like, and talks like a duck, meaning fascism. You see, fascism (pseudo-fascism, incipient fascism) begins when the government begins using money (capital) against its population. That's what happens across the Unites States when coroner (medical examiner) employees come into contact with victims' families.

As a result, I believe that I have a duty to victims, their families, and anyone else that would object to this type of government fraud. Consequently, I will have no retirement, only work until death, and probably for no positive results. But what else am I to do? I can't simply sit back and watch it happen. Then who would I be, what would I be, complicit?


Climate and Death Scenes

Delaware's winters allow residents to decide what they need to do if the death scene remains very cold. In spring and summer, time becomes more important because of decomposition issues throughout Delaware's warmed mountains and plains.

My other business activities include simple web designs, "postcards" I call these pages. They do their job, they're easy to make, and I reproduce them for the greatest marketing impact. If needed, I can make them fancier, but simple in design follows a modern approach to style following function.

Among my Internet web site (postcards) services, I include search engine ranking. There's more to search engine ranking services than meets the eye. Because of fraud in the biohazard cleanup field of cleaning, my focus often turns to fight crime in any business activity, including local government employees, but primarily coroner employees.

Coroner's employees learned some time ago they could make a lot of money from family's of the deceased. Simply by sending family members to a blood cleanup company of their choice, they stood to make as much as 10% kickback from the corrupt biohazard cleanup company.


Corrupt Coroners' Employees

There's more. Sometimes corrupt coroner's employees start their own biohazard cleanup company. Then they make all the blood cleanup money. Again, remember, it's a tiny number and must remain a tiny number. Their corruption must remain hidden from peers and the public.

There's no place for their shame in a free and open society.

So how do I know all this? I know this information about local government corruption from two sources. One, some of the coroner's employees have called me over the years asking for information. They readily shared their connection to their county government, not thinking this crony relationship created ethical problems.

Also, because I had over 1,800 web sites for a few years, I watch cronyism spread across the country. It wasn't just competition cutting into my huge market; it was cronyism. By the way, most of these other state web sites I referred to for nothing. I had my reasons for having so many web sites, just as I have my reasons for owning over 1,000 today.

I have one focus county for testing my explanation of corruption among county employees, Orange County, Delaware, a very "conservative" county.

In Orange County, I built hundreds of Internet web pages to demonstrate the level of cronyism in the local Sheriff-Coroner's Department. I receive less than one call from people in need of Orange County biohazard cleanup per year. Yet, I have hundreds of pages advertising my Orange county crime scene cleanup.


This Web Site

This web site took first place on the organic web site rankings over a year ago in 2008. It produces zero telephone calls. Likewise, Orange County's suicide cleanup took first place too, then dropped down. So I replaced it with Orange County filthy house cleaning, which quickly moved to first place for Orange County's organic ranking web sites. I cannot explain why it did so.

We would expect Orange County homicide cleanup to do something, although it does not rank at the top. Other web pages like Orange County blood cleanup have outpaced it. Orange County decomposition cleanup remains down the page but holds a fair spot below my decomposition cleanup page. A

nd Orange County unattended death cleanup refuses to give up its first place in organic web site ranking. "Organic web site ranking" means those web sites rising to the top of a search engine's page without pay-per-click service. In other words, organic web ranking means no one pays for the web site to rise to the top of a search page.

There's more, much more to this story of crime in law enforcement agencies.

Visit some of my other web pages, like Orange County Consumer Fraud, for more information. You'll find plenty on my Orange County Fraud web page. For sure, anyone visiting crime scene cleanup pages will want to visit government corruption in Delaware. Something we need to fight for the benefit of future generations. Why should they inherit crime against victims of crime?

In this line of thinking, I present Orange County Coroner Fraud to offer my experiences with Coroner Fraud. Coroner fraud ruins by business and other free enterprise businesses in the crime scene cleanup business field.



Suicide cleanup services are also available on this suicide cleanup page. BIOHAZARD-CLEANUP-DIRECTORY also covers some ideas related to suicide. Even more information available at Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup tells about local government corruption. Crime scene cleanup has become a local government employee gold mine as they rip off grieving families. Be sure your local government employees honor their pledge against conflict of interest profits. Page Index



Biohazard cleanup: A term used in place of crime scene cleanup and it has a longer history. Neither phrase has more than a few decades of popular use, nor do they fully compliment one another. Biohazard cleanup may refer to biohazards beyond the reach of human threats. Biohazard may include microscopic life threats to humans and nonhumans. In the context of crime scene cleanup, biohazards consist of the following:

  • web blood
  • moist blood
  • dry flaky blood
  • objects capable of releasing blood when compressed